Reflections of 2018

We started out 2018 checking out the 2018 Goldwings, made the plunge and brought ours home in chilly March.

Didn't manage to get in a long road trip, but did get out with the kids ... got the bikes all up to the cottage and roared around the roads in the Muskokas.

Did some design auditions for clients - these are based on stencil designs.  Low-tech works pretty well sometimes :)

Flew to Utah for a magnificent class to learn more about my quilting robotics (Bernina's QMatic).  Spent a glorious three days with the hands-on class, made some new friends, found *so*many*quilt*stores!  Stayed an extra day after the class to explore those quilt stores.  This is couching yarn on the longarm during the class.

 My wee whole class quilt from the Utah class.

 I was pretty proud of this one - lots of ruler work, robotic quilting a design larger than the quilt throat space available (one of my goals for the Utah class), fussy fitting of the pearl designs that are robotic stitches. 

Meraki Sunflower

Lots of boating and admiring the natural beauty of our cottage country.

Wrote a couple of quilt patterns ...

My Bargello pattern in big and bigger ...

Made my own cutting templates for this sample quilt for ...

Lots more sample quilts for Michealanne at
<thank you friend for this opportunity to showcase your fabric!> 

Meraki Sunflower

Tiger Plant

Modern Poetry

Received the most spectacular mini swap quilts - one from my London Modern Quilt Guild, one from the Modern Quilt Guild mothership swap ...
Brenda made this for me!!

I made this for Brenda

Megan made this for me - woven and double-sided 

I made this for Megan

 Joined in on some fabulous retreats!  

Shared some time with "Fluffy".

Made some quilts for Humboldt ... 

Celebrated births and weddings ...

Submitted my first QuiltCon entry!!  Joined the #quiltconreject parade on announcement day and proud to be part of these glorious quilts!
Windswept Sparks

Finished off the year with some beautiful Comfort Quilts for my Guild, and learned how to apply the binding on the longarm.

Stitch count on the Bernina Q24 at the end of the year:  11.5 million! As well as my client quilts, also quilted 17 of my own quilts and 10 CKQG Comfort Quilts.

Coming in 2019 ... lots more quilty adventures!  Currently working on the quilts for a blog hop I'm contributing to, for Teresa Marial's book "Turnabout Patchwork".  Sneak peek ...