Tiger Plant

I am so lucky!  My friend who has an online fabric store and does pop-up vending, needs some samples to help fill out her booth.  This quilt is one of those samples.

The line of fabric is 'Modern Retro' by Makower (see them here https://www.mystache.ca/collections/moder-retro-by-makower-uk).  The pattern is a free download from the Andover site:  https://www.andoverfabrics.com/Quilts/Tiger%20Plant.pdf

Here is the image from the pattern,  I liked the stark lines of the shapes, and lots of wide open spaces.

With the quilting, I tried to emphasize the diagonals running across the quilt.  And I even drew out an entire quilting plan before the quilt went on the frame!

There is a digital designed in the grey of the half rectangles, repeated in a smaller size in the flying geese.  Echoed with a free motion variation surrounding the crosses.

In the top right half rectangle triangle block, the diagonals stretched across the grey, so I swapped the digital design into the print instead.

The flying geese have a smaller repeat of the digital design.

In a couple of the areas for the digital design, there was a bit of the diagonal design that went through where the digital design was destined, so I got to play with cropping out that part of the design.  Lots of learning on this quilt :)

The learnings included not rushing through directions.  Those half rectangle triangle (HRT) blocks?  They are not half square triangles (HST).  There is a quick method to make HST's where you draw a diagonal line across the back, and sew 1/4" on each side of that line, slice on the diagonal and you have two nice HST's.  This does not work with HRT.  Because they are not squares, they are rectangles.  Did I mention that these blocks are not squares?  Of course I blasted through the directions and tried to make that HRT the method you use when making HST.  Does not work.  Because they are rectangles, not squares.

The directions were correct, I just didn't follow them closely enough.  Sheesh.

I did have a lot of fun with the quilting on this, including some matchstick quilting in the diagonals to create more triangles.

Here is the digital design - one of Judi Madsen's Feather Curl.  

The back is a fun Robert Kaufman's Rhoda Ruth grey print.