Flaunt quilt

This is "Flaunt"!  My friend Michealanne has a fabulous online quilt shop, MyStache.ca.  She also vends at various quilt shows, events and guild meetings.  She has samples made up to showcase some of the kits she has available.  This quilt will be one of those samples - how fun is that!  

The fabric is Art Gallery Fabrics - that amazing line of crisp, beautiful fabrics that feel so wonderful.  The fabric line is "City Loft Fusions" and the pattern is a free project from Art Gallery's website.

The pattern has 10 fabrics; I had nine from the City Fusion line, but it worked out fine - just shortened the strips :)  I love that you use nice big squares in this quilt - makes up quickly and packs a big visual punch!  

Following patterns can be an interesting process - the instructions are to create strip sets from width of fabric strips, and then cross-cutting those strip sets.  The instructions have you make 4 strip sets and end up with 32 subcut strips.  So, 8 cuts from each strip set.  Hmmmmm - most fabric has between 40" to 42" of usable fabric across the width.  Cue the math ... 8 cuts x 5 1/2" = 44".  There is just no way to get 8 cuts out of a strip set.  No worries, I had Michealanne cut extra from what was indicated in the pattern - wiggle room for mistakes - mine or the pattern's!  

With the Art Gallery fabric feeling so light and airy, this quilt got Quilters Dream 100% cotton batting - also light and airy!  Glide "Lava" thread top and bottom, and a Rhoda Ruth backing.  The quilting design was "Good Vibrations".

Flaunt close up

Flaunt close up

Flaunt close up

Michealanne sent this - Flaunt is on its first road trip, getting its binding finished!  It is a fabulous day for a road trip :)

Flaunt on its first road trip - getting the binding finished!

On the quilting frame ...
Flaunt on the quilting frame

Flaunt on the quilting frame

The back ... 
Flaunt back

The digital design, and the thread ...

FilTec's "Glide" thread - Lava