Meet "Astrodelic"!  

A fun size, a fun finish.  

This is more of Michealanne's fabulous fabric from  Some glorious Art Gallery fabric with lots of background area for quilting designs.

The pattern is a free project from Art Gallery's inspiration collection ...

Multi-tasking at its best, this will also be my entry in our Chatham Kent Quilters' Guild President's Challenge - "Never Have I Ever ...".  This quilt has a double batting - Quilters Dream 100% cotton with Quilters Dream 100% wool on top.  It is the wool layer that gives the quilting the extra oomph.  And stencils!  I got Cindy Needham's Ultimate Stencils a bit ago and this was a perfect piece for my first work with stencils!  

For this design, I used the square stencil and worked with my 'audition board' (a rectangle of plexiglas, bound with painter's tape).  Marked out the bones of the design, played with some quilting options.  When I was happy with the design, I marked the bones/outlines with the water soluble blue marker on the quilt.  Some of the diagonals needed additional marking, and I used my Quilters' Apothecary design ruler.

Here is the corner quilted ...

The corners and the centre all received this design. 

The strips in the design are quilted with diagonals, and the ends of the strips are finished with feathers.

This is a great quick project, finishes at 42" x 42".

Here is the back ... with the fabulous Carolyn Friedlander's grey Widescreen backing.

Finished with a scrappy binding.