This sweet little quiltlet is "Forager".  A selection of blues and greens and a zing of red!  ~32" x 45"

The pattern is from Art Gallery Fabric's collection of free patterns.  Love their fabric, and their patterns and projects are great!  The pattern designers are Bonnie Christine and Maxine Makes.

The wedges are either from an 18* wedge ruler, or you can use a template.  I have wedges, but not *this* wedge.  I have acrylic templates in this shape, but not in *this* size.  I have not had great experiences using card stock or other papers for templates - I usually manage to nick the template just a bit or shaving one side just a smidge, so the pieces end up not being quite so precise.  

Google to the rescue - I had seen somewhere, at some point, a tutorial on using templates with your straight rulers.  A bit of a search led me to this tutorial .... "Making wedge quilts without a wedge ruler" - Christina Cameli's blog "A few scraps".  (I have some of her books, including her new "Wedge Quilt Workshop" - love it!).  Here is what my ruler with the templates look like ...

How cool is that!  So cool.

To quilt this piece I used Glide #40 "Prickly Pear", with simple lines following the wedges.  The batting is Quilters Dream 100% wool.  The backing is the lovely grey Rhoda Ruth.