Client Quilt - Bravo Indigo

This is "Bravo Indigo", created by an amazing client.  She is a pretty new quilter and she has a fantastic artistic eye for colour and shape.  She created this quilt as a thank you to a co-worker and friend.

The "Bravo Indigo" pattern is from Caroline Greco for Michael Miller Fabrics - it is a free download.  Here is the original colouration ...
It's spectacular in the original and in my client's version, absolutely amazing!  Here's the full quilt.
In preparing to make this gift, she managed a conversation around finding out her friend's favourite colours - black, red and grey.
The fabrics are very rich red and deep black solids, and one of Libs Elliot's Tattooed North, Charcoal Cobwebs.  The geometrics in this print were inspirations for the quilting.
Quilting was all straight lines and arcs.  We wanted the red to really stand out so there is no quilting in the red, only echo lines around the red.

We used Hobbs 80/20 black batting to keep the colours really dark, and Hab 'n Dash Glide black thread.  Black thread on black fabric results in really seeing only the shapes created by the stitches - you see the ridges and not the threads.

The backing is Moda Grunge Onyx.


  1. Love this quilt!!! Since it's a free download, would you mind emailing me a copy? I've tried to click on the link, as well as google search and apparently it's no longer available.

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment! It looks like since this was made by my client, that it's no longer available freely on the Micheal Miller site. It is on Carolyn's site ... enjoy!


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