Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Canada's Big Bee Quilts #bigquiltbee

So, it's 2017.  Canada turns 150 this year!  So many things happening to celebrate this country.  One that I'm participating in is the Canadian Quilter's Association Big Quilt Bee!  
 The Big Quilting Bee

CQA hosts national quilt shows across Canada, and this year the show is June 14-17 in Toronto.  And they are organizing the Big Quilt Bee, making quilts for Ronald McDonald houses across Canada.

Quilters can make just a block, or a top or completely finish quilts for this.  The details are all here ...

The blocks have to have one of the special fabrics created to celebrate Canada's 150th, and they're made in the style of Cheryl Arkison's "slab" blocks.

I have some blocks completely wonky, some from strip sets. Here's the fun I've been up to!  These are 3 blocks x 4 blocks.  They will finish at 36" x 48".

Sunday, January 8, 2017


The London Modern Quilt Guild is working on a group quilt celebrating Canada's 150th birthday. We are to create a mini quilt that will be put together with other members' quilts to make one nice big display.  

Here is my quiltlet ...

Mini Quilt
"Hudson's Bay Loon at the Lake"
12" x 24"

Does this remind you of the iconic Hudson's Bay blankets?  I quilted a loon swimming at the lake (digitized design from Intelligent Quilting, designed by Apricot Moon) with golden Glide thread. Single layer of warm and natural.  

As I was putting the binding on, with the matching background fabric (Moda Grunge, snow white I think), what my very strange mind went to, was how this fabric so beautifully reflects my local society - mostly various shades of white, with strokes of a whole bunch of different colours, to give the fabric a depth and beauty that the stark white simply could not achieve on its own. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Baby blankets

My newfound quilty neighbour, as it turns out, travels around the world delivering compassion to some of the poorest people in the world.  We were at our local quilt shop looking for a few bits and pieces, and chatting about the baby quiltlets that I'm making for her to take on her next trip, and the very generous owner gifted her with fat quarters and yardage of flannel for this project.

She's a beginning quilter - just started sewing, and she was leaving within a few days so she asked if I'd take the flannel to get a quilt ready for the upcoming trip.

I added in some flannel I had used on other quilts, and ended up with seven quilts.  My husband is holding up the wee beauties.  Some were using HST's, using two FQ's and using the magic 8 method of making 8 HST's from one square (mark diagonals, sew 1/4" on each side of each diagonal, cut into eighths).

The others were using Anita Grossman Soloman "Supersized Nine Patch" method (  Here are some of the quiltlets!

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