Longarm Quilting Services

I am honoured to partner with you to quilt your treasured tops.  Here is a roundup of information for you:

  • Maximum width my longarm quilting frame can accommodate:  108” (274 cm) - note: this is the maximum size of the backing!
  • Generally, I will match the top thread colour to the bobbin thread colour.
  • During intake, I will ask you the story of your quilt … knowing why you’ve made this quilt, how it will be used, who it is for, may help making decisions about the quilting plan.
  • I will also ask if you are comfortable with me posting photos of your quilt on my social media feeds.
  • If your quilt is entered into any show or competition, please credit me as the longarm quilter.  You can use #quiltingbiker on Instagram or Facebook @QuiltingBiker to credit my work on social media.
  • New clients will provide a 25% deposit on their quilting service.  The full balance of the quilting service charges are due upon pickup of your quilt.
  • Cash, e-Transfers or cheques payments are accepted. Any charges for returned cheques will invoiced to you.  
  • If you cannot pick up your quilt after the quilting is complete, please let me know right away.  
  • Quilts will not be released until the quilting charges are paid in full. Should your invoice remain unpaid after a reasonable period, your quilt may be sold to recover my costs.
A word about borders!  Are your borders "friendly"?  Do you find you end up with "wavy" and puckering borders?  This usually means there is extra fullness in these borders.  If you are not measuring and fitting your borders, here is an excellent article on how this will improve your finished quilt, and why it works!