Sunday, March 20, 2016

Farmer's Wife Sampler progress - Blocks 13, 15, 18, 53

FW 13 Buckwheat

FW 15 Buzzard's Roost

FW 18 Century of Progress

FW 35 Basket

FW 58 Mother's Dream

Tracking progress:
53 blocks (of 111)
1,066 pieces ... ittty bitty teensy weeny pieces - these are 6 1/2" blocks (they will be 6" finished)!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tula Pink 100 Modern Blocks 39 - 40

TP Block 39

TP Block 40
Tula Pink's 100 Modern Blocks 39 & 40.  Nice cubes.

Bonus ride pix - this is a scenic viewpoint on AZ 89 between Wickenburg & Prescott.  Nice twisties along the way, beautiful road where each direction has its own highway for quite a few miles.

Scenic viewpoint along AZ 89

Overlooking the valley - nice switchbacks

Aurifil Designer of the Month block - March

Following along with Pat Sloan's Aurifil Designer of the Month ... this month's block is designed by Christa Watson.  Love improv!  Love blue!!  Love teal!!! What's not to love about this block :)

We won't mention the first set of flying geese that were inadvertently trimmed to 3" x 6.5" rather then 3.5" x 6.5".  I'm putting that down to getting used to a new ruler - sigh.

After this lovely block, treated my machine to a new needle, and it's every-second-bobbin clean the bobbin area.  All ready for the next project.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Tula Pink - on to triangles!

Blocks 33 - 38 - finished the rectangles section, on to triangles!  Still 6 1/2" blocks ... 

Block 33

Block 34

Block 35

Block 36

Block 37

Block 38

Bonus awesome Arizona sunset tonight from the back patio!

Double bonus - Iris are blooming :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pat Sloan's Splendid Sampler

Apparently I have lost my mind ... I am also doing Pat Sloan's "Splendid Sampler" - another bunch of blocks that are 6 1/2".  100 of them.  Two each week.

Block 1 - Hearts Aflutter

Block 2 - Wings

Block 3 - Lots of Love

Have to get some embroidery floss and fix up these stems ...

Block 4 - Happy Happy

Block 5 - Simple Simon

Block 6 - Focal Point

More embroidery floss needed to redo those wee bugs all snug ... 

Block 7 - Snug as a Bug

Block 8 - Friends All Around

Block 8 - Friends All Around v2

Project 48 Progress

These blocks are 9 1/2", so nice to work with bigger blocks! 

Block 6 designed by Alyce Blyth

Block 7 designed by Crystal McGann

Block 8 designed by Lisa Chambers

Block 9 designed by Linden Vine

Block 10 v2 designed by Keera Job -
decided the geese should be different than the background ;)

Block 10 v1 designed by Keera Job

Farmer's Wife Block progress

This week's blocks bring my total to 49 of the 111 blocks.  978 pieces.  6 1/2" blocks.

FW 31 Evening Star

FW 35 Flower Basket

FW 40 Friendship Block

FW 41 Friendship Star
FW 44 Gentelmen's Fancy

FW 50 Honey's Choice

FW 56 Maple Leaf


Auriful Designer of the Month - Swirl Away

Pat Sloan is one busy, busy quilter!  She is also putting together Aurifil's Designer of the Month block program.  This is January's block, called "Swirl Away", designed by Heather Valentine of The Sewing Loft.

I printed off the directions shortly after the block appeared, but didn't tackle it until this week.  As I was putting it together, realized that neither the cutting nor layout directions were quite right.  Went back to the website - the pattern had been reprinted, but no note (except in the comments) indicated that the pattern had been updated or corrected.  That would have been classy to do.

Oh well, it's done, and I love it!  Also liking it being 12 1/2" blocks!

Tula Pink Blocks 29 - 32

I'm loving these blocks!  

Block 29

Block 30

Block 31

Block 32
Block 32 was a fun spot for a bit of fussy cutting of a special FQ!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

So. Many.Tiny. HST's.

I'm apparently working on building patience.  Or maybe I've lost my mind.  

Tonight's southern sewing was from Pat Sloan's Aurifil Designer of The Month. The February designer of the month is Keri Carr, called "Lake Life.

Absolutely gorgeous block!  I knew this was dealing with lots of little HST's, and I cogitated on it for quite a while.  Tonight I dug out some delightful blues, a lovely Kona white, and went for it.

The process ... first, starch and press fabrics.  Starch is one of my most favourite tools!

sew 4" blocks diagonally

Cut the sewn square apart

Gather the bits up, over to the pressing station .  For this project, with such wee pieces and so many pieces, I pressed the seams open to reduce bulk.



Beautiful finished 1 1/2" HST

Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Love all the bitty trimmings

Sew them together, press carefully.  Ta Da!  One beautiful square!  The portion with the HST's is 9 1/2", with the corner triangles, it finishes at 12 1/2".

Lake Life

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