Canada's Big Bee Quilts #bigquiltbee

So, it's 2017.  Canada turns 150 this year!  So many things happening to celebrate this country.  One that I'm participating in is the Canadian Quilter's Association Big Quilt Bee!  
 The Big Quilting Bee

CQA hosts national quilt shows across Canada, and this year the show is June 14-17 in Toronto.  And they are organizing the Big Quilt Bee, making quilts for Ronald McDonald houses across Canada.

Quilters can make just a block, or a top or completely finish quilts for this.  The details are all here ...

The blocks have to have one of the special fabrics created to celebrate Canada's 150th, and they're made in the style of Cheryl Arkison's "slab" blocks.

I have some blocks completely wonky, some from strip sets. Here's the fun I've been up to!  These are 3 blocks x 4 blocks.  They will finish at 36" x 48".