Monday, July 18, 2016

Splendid Sampler Blocks

Catching up on some of the Splendid Sampler blocks.  

Michele Foster designed this delightful wee block.  More 1" finished HST's - could alternately been constructed as flying geese.
Block 24 - Inspector Sidekick
A cute applique block, designed by Pat Sloan.  Do you like the wild thread swirl??  I'm really liking this dark purple Moda Grunge ...
Block 27 - Sewing Machine

Scrappy, Happy Heart designed by Christa Watson.  Paper piecing or could have alternatively been done as improv piecing.
Block 29 - Scrappy Happy Heart
 Selvage Saver designed by Pat Sloan.  There were some awesome selvages in the blocks everyone was generating.  Some with scissors, some with wee sewing machines.  I've never seen selvages like that!
Block 33 - Scrappy Selvages
 Flights of Friendship designed by Barb Groves and Mary Jacobson.  Love these HST's that finish at 1".
Block 40 - Flights of Friendship
Sew South designed by Jennifer Mathis.  These hexis are ones I can deal with - one of the earlier block had eensy weensy itsby bitsy hexis that finished at 1/2".  There's no way my nerve-damaged, arthritic, sausage fingers can work with pieces that small.  So I was glad to see this block with sides measuring 1 1/2".
Block 41 - Sew South

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Aurifil Designer of the Month - Sparkler

July's edition from Aurifil / Pat Sloan's Designer of the Month series.   Wendy Sheppard ( designed this block.  I like it!  Modern and fresh.  These blocks finish at 12".


Friday, July 15, 2016

Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks 38, 43, 49

Three more Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt blocks.

81 blocks complete (of 111), 1,843 pieces.

These blocks are 6.5" at this point, finish at 6". 

The block 38, Four Winds, has 64 pieces.  

FW 38 Four Winds
 FW 43, Garden Path has 52 pieces.  And Y-seams.

FW 43 Garden Path

FW 49 Honeycomb

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Farmer's Wife Sampler 36, 103

A couple more blocks complete - these bring me to 78 of 111 complete, with 1,705 pieces.  These ones feature the ORANGE "Grunge" fabric from Moda, which I absolutely adore!  It's orange. It's grunge.  It's fabulous.
FW 36 Flower Path

FW 103 Whirlwind

Moda Grunge

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cantik Batik Nunavut

This is the one that started me on this path - simply in love with this image.  Fills me with peace and joy and welcoming, open, thoughtful communities.

This is the Nunavut block, with a ptarmigan and Inuksuk.  Mountains, glaciers and frozen lakes.

Fun find ... Cantik Batik website has a brief "I didn't know that" about each area ... see them here.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Yet another quilty BOM - Cantik Batik Mystery

New Brunswick
Isn't this glorious!  Cantik Batiks is doing a Block of the Month Mystery Quilt - one for Canada and one for US regions.  

First up is New Brunswick.  I've even been to some of their beautiful covered bridges.  

I was very happy to see that the kits include ample fabrics for the design - leaving some wiggle room for errors.

They're all applique.  My applique skills should be fantastic by the end of this series! I think I'll also have to get a big box of fusible :)

Fun find ... Cantik Batik website has a brief "I didn't know that" about each area ... see them here.

Project 48 Blocks 24 & 25

It's been a weekend for orange!  

I love orange.  Like, really, really, love orange.

Block 24 samples did not inspire me at all, but looking through my stash of oranges for something to make this flowerish/plantish block, I found a two lovely fabrics with bold orange and red and light bulbs exploded in my head.  The rings are in rows in the fabric, but made perfect 'flowers' to applique for this block.
Block 24
And I'm a little cranky about this block.  I love the design, and I have nice, crisp, perfect seams and points.  Scant 1/4" seams, thin thread.  Should have been perfect.  Went back to the instructions to triple check.  Here's the math:

The rows with five blocks, have blocks that are 2.25" square.  Five x 2.25 = 11.25.  Less the 2" in seam allowances, that's 9.25.  Not 9.5 like the block is supposed to finish.  Grrrrr.  I'm going to have to fudge the edges - make the sashing bigger or add a strip finishing 1/4" on the sides of this block. Yeesh.

Block 25

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Project 48 Quilt Update

Project 48 quilt blocks have been made along the way between cottage visits ... 

Block 17 designed by Linden Vine

Block 18 designed by Samantha Green

Block 19 by Crystal McGann

Block 20 designed by Cassandra Madge

Block 21 designed by Linden Vine
Skipping Block 22 for now - technique is way too complicated for the end result. I may do my own version of this later.
Block 23 designed by Crystal McGann - love the improv piecing for the centre block!
Block 24 - the beautiful Spinning Star by Stacey Day, is designed with all the setting squares and triangles set in - so many y-seams.  I was working on this beauty at the London Modern Quilt Guild sew-in after our meeting, and I hadn't brought any starch with my.  Absolutely critical with so many bias edges.  Got it 3/4 done at the sew-in but it was horrid - too small, nothing lining up.  When I got home, I redid the block, with lots of starch.  Rather than the inset seams, used triangles for each wedge (one of the themes of the LMQG meeting was triangle, so this was good, right?).  Love this block now.  

When selecting the fabric for the setting squares/triangles, I was going to use yellow, which does go nicely with the purples.  Consulting my new colour wheel, green seemed to be this purple's complimentary colour. I like it!
Block 24 by Stacey Day

Farmer's Wife Progress

Although I have not been a faithful blogger, I have made progress in my blocks!  We've had quite a few fabulous stays at the cottage already, and I haven't got a good system set up there yet for quilting. 

FW 22 Corn & Beans

FW27 Darting Birds

FW 33 Farmer's Puzzle

FW 34 Flock

FW Flower Pot

FW 46 Hill & Valley

FW 52 Hovering Hawks

FW 54 Kitchen Woodbox

FW 83 Spider Web

FW 86 Squash Blossom

FW 90 Storm Signal

FW 96 Tulip

FW 106 Wild Rose & Square

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