So. Many.Tiny. HST's.

I'm apparently working on building patience.  Or maybe I've lost my mind.  

Tonight's southern sewing was from Pat Sloan's Aurifil Designer of The Month. The February designer of the month is Keri Carr, called "Lake Life.

Absolutely gorgeous block!  I knew this was dealing with lots of little HST's, and I cogitated on it for quite a while.  Tonight I dug out some delightful blues, a lovely Kona white, and went for it.

The process ... first, starch and press fabrics.  Starch is one of my most favourite tools!

sew 4" blocks diagonally

Cut the sewn square apart

Gather the bits up, over to the pressing station .  For this project, with such wee pieces and so many pieces, I pressed the seams open to reduce bulk.



Beautiful finished 1 1/2" HST

Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Love all the bitty trimmings

Sew them together, press carefully.  Ta Da!  One beautiful square!  The portion with the HST's is 9 1/2", with the corner triangles, it finishes at 12 1/2".

Lake Life