Project 48 Quilt Update

Project 48 quilt blocks have been made along the way between cottage visits ... 

Block 17 designed by Linden Vine

Block 18 designed by Samantha Green

Block 19 by Crystal McGann

Block 20 designed by Cassandra Madge

Block 21 designed by Linden Vine
Skipping Block 22 for now - technique is way too complicated for the end result. I may do my own version of this later.
Block 23 designed by Crystal McGann - love the improv piecing for the centre block!
Block 24 - the beautiful Spinning Star by Stacey Day, is designed with all the setting squares and triangles set in - so many y-seams.  I was working on this beauty at the London Modern Quilt Guild sew-in after our meeting, and I hadn't brought any starch with my.  Absolutely critical with so many bias edges.  Got it 3/4 done at the sew-in but it was horrid - too small, nothing lining up.  When I got home, I redid the block, with lots of starch.  Rather than the inset seams, used triangles for each wedge (one of the themes of the LMQG meeting was triangle, so this was good, right?).  Love this block now.  

When selecting the fabric for the setting squares/triangles, I was going to use yellow, which does go nicely with the purples.  Consulting my new colour wheel, green seemed to be this purple's complimentary colour. I like it!
Block 24 by Stacey Day