Client Quilt - La Fin Du Monde

This is an absolutely amazing quilt by one of my clients who is a fantastic precision piecer.  

This quilt is a design by
Lib Elliott, a spectacular Canadian quilter.  Libs has been to our Modern Quilt Guild for workshops, and I took another of her workshops while I was at Quilt Canada in Ottawa.  Check out her work, you will love her too!  Libs released this to her Patreon supporters prior to the pattern release.  This quilt be on display at the London Modern Quilt Guild show in September!  

Here is the full quilt.  It's big!  It is glorious.  My instructions on this one - have fun!  My favourite!  I broke out the rulers ... a selection from Quilters Apothecary, Quilted Pineapple, Bethanne Nemesh, Lisa Calle, HandiQuilter.
And picked threads ... Hab 'n Dash Glide, Superior Omni, Superior So Fine, and Aurifil.  Magnaglide bobbins throughout, in "Cotton Candy".
I did a full pass on the white blocks first and then went back up and down the quilt with all of the other colours.
Ruler work is not fast work, but I love the results!
 The back is a very pretty pink Stonehenge.
This is about 18 hours work.  Of just stitching.  The decision-making for each square adds up too!
Batting is Quilters Dream 100% cotton - a bright white.  Even as white as the batting is, beside the bright white prints it still looks off-white.