Fanfaire for Stache

This is "Fanfaire", a quilt designed by Krista Moser.  The quilt was designed to use all the features of the Creative Grids Non-Slip 60 Degree Diamond ruler (also designed by Krista).  Read Krista's story here.
Michealanne from Stache Fabrics & Notions offered this quilt as a Block of the Month.  Karen Rowell pieced this fantastic quilt and I had the absolute honour of quilting it.
I should take a cue from the Robert Mueller hearings and let the photos speak for themself.  There may be a lot of photos ...

A few photos while it is on my amazing Bernina Q24 Longarm frame, using lots of rulers and the Sewline Style water soluble marker.

Photos after the quilt was finished ...

 The designs in the grey and white background alternated and flowed diagonally down the quilt.

For this quilt I used Hobbs 80/20 white batting, and Hab 'n Dash Glide Light Grey for both the top  and bobbin thread.

The quilt was a highlight at Michealanne's booth at the Ailsa Craig Quilt & Fibre Arts Festival in May 2019, feature the completely amazing work from New Zealand.  
Michealanne and Karen at the Ailsa Craig show
Its next outing is at the Creative Hands event, downtown London July 30 - Aug 10, 2019.  It is hanging at the TAP Creativity Centre.