Client Quilt - Blossoms and Spokes

Soooo pretty!  This wall hanging is a sample for Stache Fabrics & Notions.  This is "Blossoms & Spokes" by Abbey Lane Quilts.  It's a very summery, breezy design, lots of great pops of colour in the blossoms.  I really love the ones spilled from the basket.  
How fun that the bicycle is yellow, with fabulous flower handle grips :)
The background is rather improv piecing with low volume fabrics.  I decided to do a variety of designs in each fabric, to add some texture and interest.  A few feathers, some wavy lines, some straight lines, some arcs, some rays.
Have I mentioned I might like rulers?  Here is the collection I used for this wall hanging - Quilters Apothecary lines and arcs, Kelly Cline's "Kelly Bean" for the ditching, Lisa Calle's QuiltPro for evenly spaced straight lines, Angela Walters "Elvira", and Handi-Quilter Wave rulers.  

Some side light to show the texture ...

To add dimension, I used Quilters Dream 100% cotton batting base and Quilters Dream 100% wool batting on top. 
You can see the bicycle on the back too.  I just adore this low volume print!
I used Hab 'n Dash Glide "Whisper Yellow" top thread and So Fine light yellow in the bobbin.
This will be in Stache Fabrics & Notions shop window next week!


  1. Love your quilt! It's hilarious - my blog is I also do long arm quilting. We must be twins separated at birth!!!

    1. Hi Elaine! Your blog is excellent - sure do feel a sister connection :)


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