Introducing ... Josefina!  She is so sweet.  This is a pattern by Ira Rott, one of my Guild-mates from the Chatham Kent Quilters Guild.  Ira's patterns are simply amazing.  Her graphics and instructions are very clear and crisp.  The pattern for this quilt includes 4 different sizing options, and on the bigger quilt you have both Josefina and Jeffrey!  I elected to create the 'Toddler Size'.

I'm doing pattern testing for Ira so got an advance copy to create my version.  
Both ears are complete, Josfina's head is appliqued and her bow is added.  When I make another, I will use grey fabric for the ears that has a bit more pattern - still 'reads' as solid, but a bit more life.  The background would also be nice in a very soft print - still reading as a solid but a print would add texture.
Loopy hair!  She has loopy hair.  This still makes me giggle.  There are options in the pattern for different types of hair - how fun is that!!
The flimsy before quilting.
I ended up not liking the eyes that I had originally applied - on the frame, I took them off and put on new eyes, stitching them down while on the frame.
The confetti strips are so cute!  The very top has angles stitched out.  The confetti hexies have freehand continuous curves with a swoop - "iron work".  Next after the confetti strip is a row of sunshines to beam down on Josefina :)
And she is joined by an owl party on a wire!

The ears have continous curves (CC's) in the grey, and I extended those CC's out ito the background.
Features on her face - wrinkly trunk, eyelashes and brows, and a wee curl and more hair under the knotty hair.
Below Josefina, a row of Mama Elephants to keep her protected.
For the binding, I used strips from the hexie confetti-making.
 For the backing, a grey dimple fabric.  I thought it was a perfect finishing touch :)
The batting on this quilt is Quilters Dream Select 100% cotton.  Thread is Hab 'n Dash Glide White.  The finished quilt is 36 1/2" x 54 1/2".