Comfort Quilts

One of the great joys of longarm quilting for me is to be able to give back / pay it forward.  One of the guilds I belong to, the Chatham Kent Quilters' Guild, has a "Comfort Quilt" group.  These quilters orchestrate the making of literally hundreds of quilts every year, that go back into the community in a variety of ways.  You can read about the February meeting parade of comfort quilts here.

The Comfort Quilts can be made completely by one person, or they could have many hands for different stages of the construction.  There are "kits" available at each Guild meeting, all ready for quilters to sew together. 

I do know that these quilts are full of love.  Every hand that touches them in their making - from selecting the fabrics to cutting to sewing to quilting to binding, each and every one adds a layer of love.
These three quilts were ones that the committee sent my way for longarming.  The quilts are bright and happy and full of joy.  The black/white/red quilt has the digital design "Bali".  This gave the quilts lots of texture.

The backing for this quilt is a gorgeous bee print!!

The next is a similar design in a fresh bouquet of colour.  
The digital panto for this one is "Swirl Paisley".  One of the best things about having the robotics system is being able to size the designs.  For this one, the design was upsized to have beautiful, big, flowing swirls and paisleys.
Fun multi polka dots for the backing!

Oh, how I love this one!  Simply elegant.  

This one has the "Hex Marks the Spot" panto.
And a plaid back!

These were my first quilts that I applied the binding to while still on the longarm.  

And I had a bunch of "passengering" time with these quilts.  The task of hand binding to the back kept me distracted.

These all went back to the Guild just needing a label and then ready to go!