Client Quilt - Mirror Images

Have I mentioned how much I love quilting for my clients?  This is an amazing quilt, and I had a *LOT* of fun quilting it.

This was a big, beautifully pieced batik quilt.  Somehow I managed to not get a photo of the entire quilt, so you get so see it only in bits and pieces.  The quilting on this was all ruler work and free motion quilting.  

My tools for this quilt are the Quilters Apothecary "Mystical Ditcher" ruler, a mini-S shape ruler, and my trusty Hera marker.  With the Hera marker, I can mark registration lines on the quilt and not worry about having to remove any ink!  It creates just a small line.
The quilt is constructed with a pair of blocks that are "mirrors" - the fabrics are in opposite positions in each pair.  Each pair had two designs stitched out.  In this pair, the light fabric has the wavy lines and the darker fabric has ribbon candy.
Same designs, different positions.

In this pair, the swirls and boxy designs.
So much fun! 
Thread for this quilt was Hab 'n Dash Glide "Celery".