Client Quilt - Heart Strings

I'm super excited about this quilt!!  
Did you get a shiver up your spine when you scrolled to the words?  I did when I rolled them up onto the frame :)

My friend and neighbour has a quilt shop that she purchased, renovated and is re-opening later this week.  This beautiful quilt will be one of the quilts on display.
It's a simply elegant and charming quilt, with neutral bricks in the background and red bricks making up the heart.  I just love the depth and dimension you get from the random bricks.  
The background bricks are quilted with straight lines with Glide "Linen", and the heart is quilted in waves with Glide "Sultry".
With the lettering at the bottom, it was already beautifully appliqued, and I just outlined the text.
The back is a light print, and the red waves really show.  
Can't wait to see it hanging in the newly renovated facility!!

The Marsh Store in Coldstream ON re-opens on January 26, 2019!  Here's a gorgeous photo showing this building from yesteryear ...