Wedding Bargello

** So.  Many.  Pictures **

The celebration:  Second chapter for my sister-in-law and her new husband.
The pattern:  "Argyle" from Eileen Wright's "More Twist & Turn Bargello"
The fabrics - 20, from creamy lights to golden hues to rich red to a few blues, finishing with some chocolates.

I try to stay organized when making bargellos, by having a fabric map and using numbered pins on the strips.

Many strip sets are created, then crosscut into varying widths to create the hills and valleys in the design.  The production takes over the sewing space - the design wall, the cutting and pressing table, lots of tools.

Making strip sets ...

Pressing strip sets (not even all the 20 fabrics together yet here) ...

Growing the design.  Each size of strip has its own row on the design wall.  Libs' "Hot Lips" keeping close watch on the activity.

Maneouvering the pieces to add the next strips.

Onto the frame!  The top thread is Glide "Desert Sunset".  Pantograph is "Time Warp" - adds such magnificent texture.  Batting is Hobbs 80/20.  Longarm is my fabulous Bernina Q24.