Client Quilt - Jelly Roll Race

I'm becoming pretty partial to orange / pink / purple together!  This delightful jelly roll race quilt went home to its maker recently.  

The outer border is the fun fabric that looks solid but has a texturized pattern.  Here are a few photos of the quilt on the frame ...

Zoomed out a bit ...

And the back - a bright pink!  Light is doing strange things here

The details:  backing was provided so not sure what it was - maybe 80/20 but no idea of the brand.  For the thread, I selected Hab 'n Dash's Glide "Rhododendron" - a good match to the bright pink of the backing.  It looks fabulous on both the front and the back!

The digital design for this quilt:  Patricia Ritter's "Deep Blue Sea" - beautiful swirls with bubbles / circles scattered throughout the design.

Stitch count:  84,534.  This is my 58th client quilt!