Client Quilt - Plaids

Soft colours and plaids come together to create this very cosy client quilt!  

I'm not entirely sure how the client managed this feat but with the HST's with the plaids, she still managed to get the lines, lined up!  That is an admirable skill and test of patience.

We selected the digital design, "Diagonal Plaid".  A lovely, clean stitch out that texturizes the quilt.  The thread is a beautiful Hab 'n Dash Glide "Graphite", a soft grey-blue.  The batting was client-supplied, Warm & Natural.

Here is the backing, a light tan print.  I used the same Glide "Graphite" in the bobbin, and it looks great.  While Glide has sheen, it doesn't take over the quilt, it just plays nicely.

Here is the digital design, "Diagonal Plaid".