Client Quilt - Turning 20

This gorgeous client quilt is a magnificent collection of reds, greys, blacks, and whites, bordered with some fabulous onyx grunge.  Oh my, so much fun in the fabrics!  There were lots of modern and geometric designs in the prints, leading to my selection of the digital design "Contour".  

The quilt is enormous - 104" x 104".  With the 108" wide back I had just a wee bit of edge on each side while it was mounted on the longarm frame.  The collection of colour and value makes the quilt shimmer.  

The backing was a solid grey.  Top thread is Glide's "Slate" and in the bobbin, Magna-Glide's Medium Grey.  Stitch count for this beast:  167,382.

This is "Contour" - PRTRPANTO0040 Contour (C) 2017 Patricia E. Ritter & Tracey Russell