Client Quilt - Periwinkle

How often do Longarm quilters fall in love with client quilts?  This one sure is a beauty, and worthy of all the love.  It's a paper pieced batik beauty.  Quite a few of the batiks are ones I have in my stash, or have admired at our local quilt stores.  Just so pretty!  

The kite shapes are also a lovely colour study - each Periwinkle had wedges that had have colour flowing from one shape to the next - a bit of lemon in the green, to green in the blue, and everything works so well all together.  It was truly a joy to work on.

The quilting on the colourful kite shapes are triple curvy echoes.  There were 3 different background designs, with the straight-line star alternating with the curvy star with lines or the unadorned curvy star.  Or maybe those are pinwheels?? This resulted in the design repeating on the diagonal across the quilt.  Added bonus - I was able to do a pretty continuous quilting path across the quilt, with only a couple of lines of over stitching needed to go from one design to the next.

We started with auditions of a few designs ... this is a photo of the quilt, printed out and inserted into a protective sleeve, and using dry erase marker to audition designs.  These designs are based on Cindy Needham's stencil workbooks.

On the frame ...

The tools I used for the quilting ... Quilters Apothecary rulers (Mystical Designer, Mystic Curve and my very well-used, well-loved, trusy Mystical Ditcher rulers), Quilted Pineapple's curved ruler, hera marker and the "Styla" water-soluble marker.

The hera marker is great to mark registration marks that don't need anything to remove.  The "Styla" marker is new to me - one of the recommendations from a recent quilting workshop with Jodi Robinson.  Works great!!

The batting in this quilt is Quilters Dream 100% washable wool, and the thread is Glide's "Slate" in the top and Magna-Glide Medium Grey in the bobbin.  This 75" x 75" quilt received 138,000 stitches.

A bit more eye candy ...

The back - I had quite a bit of trouble figuring out which side was the right side!!