Client Quilt - Baby L

Baby quilts are such a fun size of quilt to work with!  This client quilt is for a precious new arrival.  The client is a very new quilter and she had so much fun finding the purples and greens.  

It was a bright and sunny day when I took this photo, and I should have had the setup so the sunshine was not blasting through the quilt.  Here you can see all the seams, which is pretty cool too but it does make it hard to see the overall design.

Each of the white diagonals was quilted with a different design - swooshes, formal feathers, frilly funky feathers, arcs, "L's",  arches.  All of the purples and greens were quilted with horizontal lines.

 The square with the "L" was crosshatched.  

The back is magnificent magenta spotted grunge.  
The batting is Quilters Dream 100% cotton.  
Thread is Glide "Tabriz Orchid".  Stitch count - almost 60,000.