Client Quilt - Shibori and White

This client quilt is so fabulous!  This is a mystery quilt by Border Creek Station.  It is 100" x 100".  What a joy to work on.

The audition quilting plan looked like this ... 
My audition panel is a piece of plexiglass with the edges bound in painter's tape.  I use dry erase markers to audition (and practice) designs.

Above that blue border at the top in the audition panel view, is another broad white border.  The outer border reflected the inner white order - echoed feathers on one side of a curve, with straight line stitching. The outer border straight lines go from the curve to the edge of the quilt, and the inner white border has the straight lines and feathers reversed.  The pinwheel blocks have continuous curves (CC's) in the white.  The middle white border has diamonds with more straight lines.

The blue Shibori border was not quilted - it is beautiful just as it is, and there is *lots* of quilting right up to both edges.
In the body of the quilt, the 36-patch blocks have CC's in the white, mirroring the pinwheel border treatment.  
The star blocks have a digital design, Jessica Schick's "Feathered Block".  These are similar feathers to what I quilted in the borders.

Another view ...

And the back - a white on white wide back ...

Some photos while it was still on the frame ...

I might have mentioned how much I like ruler work??  The rulers I used in this quilt all lined up:
- Quilter's Apothecary straight line (6" and 12") (diagonals in the diamond border)
- The Gadget Girls Shells & Swirls (the green ruler - the beautiful swoopy curve in the outer half feather border)
- Handi Quiter's Wave D (the swoopy smaller curve in the inner half feather border)
- Quilters Groove 4 (all those straight lines in the diamond border and the half feather borders)
- The Quilted Pineapple BFF (the curves in the CC's)

Other tools - hera marker (marking the quilt without leaving any marks) and water soluble blue marker where I marked little dots in the diamond border to mark the diagonal lines.

The batting is Quilters Dream 100% cotton, and the thread is White Hab 'n Dash Glide (top and bobbin).  

The Bernina Q24 stitch count for this beauty - a record for me so far - 433,197 stitches (@ 9 spi).


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