Riley Blake Challenge 2018 - Spin Me Riley!

The Modern Quilt Guild is running another Riley Blake Challenge for 2018.  For those who signed up, you received a little pack of Fat Eighth's, all bundled like this ...

I looked at this and thought, huh.  2 FQ's of the same fabric.  What can I do with that!  Didn't even open it up until I saw a post showing that it actually had the four fabrics inside.  Well, OK then!  Silly me.  Ideas started percolating ...  Added a few other pieces from Mad About Patchwork for the challenge.

Found a really fun project, "Spin Me Round", from  Adapted this to work with the F8's.  For the quilting, the centre light blue stripes have diminishing hashtags.  The stripes have straight lines.  The blue hashtag fabric has hashtags.  The cross fabrics have crosshatching.

The binding and the backing are a very bright red stripe, another Riley Blake fabric.

This little lovely has a double batting, the bottom layer is Quilters Dream 100% cotton, with Quilters Dream 100% wool on top.  White Glide thread throughout.


  1. I did the same thing when I received the fabric for the contest... I went so far as to e-mail and ask where my other fabric was......... oops! Lovely quilt piece that you made. Its beautiful!

    1. Thanks Christen! They folded the packets too well :)


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