Jelly Roll Racing Doubles


It is so much fun to walk into my quilting space and see sights like this - shadows playing nicely on beautiful quilts.

This client has a pair of jelly roll race quilts.  One with purple-magenta and greys, the other with jewel tones.  

A fun bit of "bobbin chicken" happening here - only a couple of yards of bobbin thread left after finishing up the first quilt.  The bobbins used on this quilt are Hab 'n Dash's Magna Glide - on the photo on the right you can see the full bobbin.  Love winning bobbin chicken!

This quilt received Glide "Amethyst" on the top, and grey in the bobbin.  Isn't that a fantastic colour match?!  Hobbs 80/20 batting.  My Bernina Q24 counted 148,650 stitches in this quilt.

The second jelly roll race quilt had so many yummy jewel tones.  The edge was a minty colour and I used Glide "Cool Mint" on the top and "Mint" in the bobbin.  I did manage to get this outside in the sunshine for a few pictures before the wind tried to carry us away ..

The digital design on both of these quilts is "Fleur-de-plumes" by Naomi Hynes, from Urban Elementz.

This quilt received Quilters Dream 100% cotton batting.  Stitch count on this one was 123,060.