Beautiful Take 5

Have I mentioned how much I love quilting?  Possibly.  Ha!  Seriously, how lucky am I to get to work on beautiful client quilts like this!  A majestic, elegant "Take 5" quilt.  I realized today (after making piles of "Take 5" quilt blocks that will go to the Humboldt community) that this quilt is also a "Take 5" pattern.  Beautifully set on point, with luscious text setting triangles.  The fabrics are a beautiful, heathery-grey tone.  

I did up an informal quilting plan with swags and double beadboard in the borders, echoed triangles in the setting triangles, swags and a swirl in each block.  That is the super-fancy quilting plan is a printout of a picture of a corner of the quilt, inserted into a sheet protector, and drawing with dry-erase markers.  Quilting plan approved, off I went and had a blast!

Rulers from Quilters Apothecary, and Linda Hrcka's curved rulers were my tools for this quilt.

Tried to get the beadboard in the inner border to line up with the beadboard above the swags.

 The backing was a fabulous match to the material in the top, and light and airy.  The client was happy, I was happy!