Gems quilt, full front view

Moving through my stack of quilts so patiently waiting for me to finish them up!  This was a kit I picked up from Cherished Pieces at a show they were vending at, a couple of years ago.  I loved all the colours that I wouldn't have put together, that go together so beautifully.  And the fabric ... this is Troy Corporation's "Riverwood - Great Wall" collection.  It feels fabulous.  

This quilt received Quilters Dream 100% wool batting, Glide "Wisteria" top and bobbin, and the pantograph "Bubbles" by Apricot Moon, from Intelligent Quilting.  The backing is a Wilmington Blue/Purple Mosaic.

I love, love, love the Quilters Dream battings - this wool is fabulous!  A beautiful loft, warm and snuggly while I was putting on the binding, and it's feels light as a feather.  

Gems quilt, front view

Gems quilt, front view close up

Gems quilt, front and peek of back view

Gems quilt, full front view

Bubbles pantograph