Rhubarb Pie Quilt

Full disclosure:  I really don't like pink much at all.  

But here you are, pink and green together, sparkly and fun.  This is a Keepsake Quilting kit that I purchased fistfuls of years ago.  Shortly after we moved to our new house and I tried to retire, I put this beauty together.  I actually *love* rhubarb pie.  A spring treat, sweet and sour.  Custard filling or with strawberries or thickened with tapioca.  My family doesn't like rhubarb anything, and my son is actually allergic to it.  For lots of years, my mom would make sure there was a slice of rhubarb pie for me when she made the first one of the season.

Very straightforward quilt - lots of strip piecing.  And it popped up to the top of my 'to be quilted' pile with my beautiful new Bernina Q24.  This is its quilt #2.  

This is also my very first ever, manual pantograph quilting!  I've had a quilting frame for more than 8 years, and I have never before done a manual panto.  My previous machines didn't have rear handles.

The pantograph is the one that comes with the Bernina Q24, 'Zest' by Patricia Ritter.  Another top where the quilting is for texture, won't really show a lot of stitches.

The back is a rich green mottled Northcott landscape.  The batting is Quilters Dream Pink - an 80/20 blend.