Personal Challenge 2018

Cora Common Owl Collage pattern by Laura Heine
Cora Common Owl Collage by Laura Heine

In one of the online forums I participate in, there is some posting going on for personal challenges for 2018.  Here is my quilty challenge list!

  • Doodle every day.
  • Dive deeper into Art & Stitch (the digitizing software that comes with Bernina's QMatic - robotic stitching device).
  • Dive deeper into Qmatic's more complex features - so far, have done only digital pantos.  Hoping to be able to take a workshop from Bernina.
  • Sort and de-stash - either make something out of, or donate, fabrics that are still in boxes that haven't been opened since we moved 3 years ago and more years before that.
  • Modern piecing - work through Rebecca Bryan's "Modern Triangle Quilts" book.
Modern Triangle Quilts book by Rebecca Bryan
  • Modern quilting - create one Modern Quilt Guild block of the month, and one Modern Quilt Guild quilt of the month.  I really like November's "Defrag".
Modern Quilt Guild Quilt of the Month - "Defrag"
Modern Quilt Guild Quilt of the Month - "Defrag"

  • Mini swaps - there are 2 modern mini swaps I'm participating in this year - looking forward to playing with design and colour on smaller quilts!
  • Vintage - have been finding some great vintage pieces (hankies, serviettes, runners) to explore quilting vintage linens.
  • Creating on the longarm - strip quilts and applique quilt.  I have Laura Heine's "Cora Owl" collage pattern - am thinking this is a good candidate for creating on the longarm.  My friend Michealanne carries this pattern in her shop - find it here.
  • Create detailed quilting plans for some of the personal quilt tops patiently waiting their turn at my frame - my silk blazing stars and two transparency quilts are at the top of this list! Seriously, why do I seem to only do multiples of anything?
These are my 'quilty' challenges.  Working with Don on what our exploring backroads adventure for 2018 will look like!

Do you have a "Challenge" list for 2018?