Modern Vintage

Aren't these sweet!  I've been inspired by the work of Kelly Cline, Mary Wilson Kerr, Cindy Needham and so many others.  They are finding vintage linens and remaking them into quilted treasures.  

Had great fun at a couple of antique shops recently and found some excellent candidates.  Then I plucked up my courage and went for it!  These little fingertip or cocktail napkins have a wee flourish in the corner.  Tipping it on point, I quilted feathers, as if coming up out of a vase of embroidery.  

Glide thread on top and bottom - Linen on the linen!  Blueberry on the blue :)  One of the most interesting parts of these pieces was doing the binding.  That satiny stuff is soooooo slippery - I starched the binding heavily and it was very workable.

One went to our London Modern Quilt Guild as my Secret Santa gift, and the other is on its way to a wonderful friend who loves vintage - hope she likes this :)