Fox Quilt

QuiltingBiker Fox Quilt wall hanging

Meet Mr Fox.  Silent, Sly, Watching, Patient, Luxurious Fur.

This client quilt was so much fun to quilt.  The main panel is this spectacular fox, set into a mountainous, snowy scene.  The birds are turkey vultures, with their red heads.  The mountains are defined by the pines, some fading into the distance in the snowy mist.  The fox tail is spectacular - full of glorious rusty shades as well as darker hairs.

The batiks in the frame echos the fox fur as well as the ice and snow, and the pines.  

The background of the scene is filled with blustery, windy spirals.  The fox and pines with spikes.

Here is a closer view of the fox face.  Rust thread here highlights the fur.

QuiltingBiker Fox face close up

 That tail! Back in with rusty highlights and more smoky grey thread.

QuiltingBiker Fox quilt bushy tail

The bottom frame - angles and lines and continuous curves.

QuiltingBiker detail of frame quilting

So much fun to work on this fabulous fellow!