Funny story.  I purchased a beautiful little charm pack at QuiltX in the spring, and the teal and snow background colours, to make a cute little lap quilt with just easy-peasy squares and sashing.  So there I was, happily visiting and chatting and stitching.  Not paying much attention.  As you do.  Stitching the sashing to each square.  Stitching another sashing to the other side of the square.  

Getting ready to stitch the corner stones and sashing combo for the top/bottom of each square.  Those of you who quilt, realize what I've done.  Because what I've done is *not* what you do for the design I was working on.  Sheesh.  You *don't* attach sashing to *both* sides of each square, only one side.

Hmmm.  So in this self-imposed design opportunity, I carried on bravely and put some white between each nicely sashed-on-both-sides square and put those into rows and put a row of white between each row.  Looks rather like a filmstrip?  Kind of charming.

The real reason I picked up this project was to do the digital design - a beautiful diagonal plaid.  

The back is a Carol Friedlander white, with Pellon's 80/20 white cotton batting.  In the sunshine, the view from the back is a very muted version.

This digital pantograph is from Digi-tech, designed and digitized by Patricia Ritter.  It works wonderfully and gives the quilt some great texture!