Oh Baby!

Baby quilts are just so much fun.  We have a connection to an amazing family in Germany through our middlest.  A few quilts have made their way there, as thanks for hosting our middlest, for weddings and now for a second baby.  

This fun little piece has fabrics from previous quilts, and some new fabrics just for this newest arrival.  There are modern owls, zebras, giraffes and elephants, all on a sunny background.  The Kaffe border is the same design (different colourway) as the earlier baby quilt.

The Mom and Dad and Baby elephants all have the same silver ears.  The body of the baby elephant is entirely new fabric - passing along my wishes that this new little one will find comfort from family yet find his own unique path in the world.

The owls are from Sew Kind of Wonderful's 'Modern Owls' pattern.  The other critters are from Sew Fresh Quilt's patterns.

The quilting is a geometric edge-to-edge, and the batting is Quilters Dream 100% cotton.  This batting is amazing - the quilt feels full of air, light and breezy.  The backing is a fun, modern design.