One Block Wonder - Mystic Topaz

One Block Wonder quilts are so amazing.  This is one that I started in a workshop quilting day with the Chatham Kent Quilters Guild a few years ago (maybe 2008?).  Had lots of fun with this one, filling in the edges with stripey matching fabric. There were wee pops or orange in the fabric, so the wee orange flange border was added.  And the poor thing was added to my ever-growing stash of tops to be quilted.

My new "beast" - my beautiful Bernina Q24 longarm quilting machine - has been an awesome kickstart to get more of my stack finished!

This one was fun with rulers.  Each of the hexies received continuous curves / orange peels, with a nice circle ruler from Gadget Girls.  The border was treated as one unit, with swags and feathers looping down, and a piano key grid from the swag to the edge.  The swag shape was from one of Linda Hrka's Pineapple rulers, and for that beautifully even piano key border I used Lisa Calle's Quilters' Groove ProLine ruler.  Did I mention I love quilting with rulers???

Close up of the border

Took this with us for the road trip binding project for our cottage closing weekend, so my helpers are holding up the quilt for its photos.

Here is the original fabric.  What I loved about it was the glowing greens/yellows and that wee pop of orange.  And the blues.  The black background intrigued me about what would happen with that in the OBW blocks.

This is the stripey fabric that matched, used this for the filler half-hexies on the outside, and for the bias binding.