Modern Streak Finish Photos

Modern Streak
It's Canada Day 2017, celebrating Canada's 150th birthday.  We're at the cottage on a rainy day, perfect for catching up blog posts :)

This is such a fun quilt - it was quick to do, loved the fabric collections and had a great time playing with the quilting.  Posted previously the details of the construction and fabrics ...

For this quilt, I used Quilters Dream 100% cotton batting, So Fine thread in the top and Bobbin Line thread in the bobbin.  

My first quilt from a new bolt of Quilters Dream - this is *fantastic* batting!  

The finished quilt is light and airy and delightful!  Washed up perfectly crinkly and cuddly.

Modern Streak close up
In the darker streaks, quilted u-turns - one streak is horizontal, the next is on a 45* angle - I was hoping for a design that would give some dimension and depth.
Modern Streak close up
 In the lighter streaks, played with swirly and feathery fills.

Modern Streak close up
 The back was a light, blue/green mottled backing.  

Modern Streak back