Just how many QAL's was that?

Project 48 Quilt Show & Share LMQG Meeting

Point of clarification - as I was showing my Project 48 Quilt at the Show & Share of our London Modern Quilt Guild meeting, someone asked how many quilt-alongs I participated in during 2016? Hmmm - apparently too many to remember on the spot. So, here is that report ...

  1. Project 48 Quilt - hosted by Linden Vine and Crystal McGann (project48quilt.com) was a free quilt-along in 2016 with a modern twist on their 9 1/2" blocks, with a new block each week for 48 weeks.  The first block was completed Jan 23, 2016 and the last block finished up Feb 12, 2017.  In total, there are 974 pieces in the 48 blocks.  Arranged in an 7 x 8 setting with a few solid squares for fun.  Quilting and binding finished Jun 9th, 2017.
  2. Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt - following the book by Laurie Aaron Hird and with support of the Yahoo Group (farmerswifesampler), where they challenge you with a block each week. This quilt has 111 blocks (with a couple of unintended repeats!), each 6 1/2".  The book is delightful, with letters from the era to add texture and meaning to the blocks.  And even though I'm not currently farming, I am a farmer's daughter, a farmer's wife, and a farmer.  Always a farmer, it's just part of who I am.  The motorcycle trips are farm tours.  Walks in the park are journeys in the flora and fauna.

    The first block was pieced Jan 7, 2016, and the last block pieced April 4, 2017. Setting HST's (113 of them) in a 15 x 15 setting.  I've blogged about the squares but have yet to get a photo of the top, and it is in the queue for quilting.  There are 2,673 pieces in this quilt.  Without the 113 HST setting squares, with borders that total is 2,903 pieces.
  3. The Splendid Sampler - work in progress.  Hosted by Pat Sloan (www.thesplendidsampler.com), in 2016 was organized with two blocks released each week, and lots of lovely bonus blocks.  Each block is 6 1/2". The first block was done March 1, 2016.  So many fabulous designers participated in this QAL, including Cheryl Arkison, who designed both a regular and a bonus block.  Pat had Spoonflower design a huge label that included all the designers names!  She is running the QAL again for 2017, and has published a book for the sampler/QAL.  At the start of this QAL, there were a few thousand "Splenderettes" - today, there are more than 92,000 followers in her FB group.
  4. Aurifil's Designer of the Month (auribuzz.wordpress.com/category/designers-of-the-month or blog.patsloan.com/aurifil-thread). This is a collaboration with Aurifil and Pat Sloan.  Each month was an interview with a different designer.  These blocks are a delightful 12 1/2"!  I blogged about the complete blocks, flimsy and setting here.  Still have to get a good photo of the finished quilt and post that.  Bad blogger.  One of the fun things that happened with this quilt, was that I posted the flimsy in Pat's Facebook group, and Pat promoted it, and then Aurifil posted it on their Facebook page too!  Way cool.  First block completed Mar 5, 2016, the last block completed Dec 15, 2016 (yes, the day it was released!) and the quilt together in its setting Dec 18, 2016.
  5. Pat Sloan's Secret Garden - another monthly block.  These blocks are 16 1/2 square!  Gigantic compared to all the 6 1/2" blocks :)  And I haven't blogged about this one at all!  It is quilted and just needs its label and glamour shots.
  6. Tula Pink's 100 modern quilt blocks - more 6 1/2" blocks, following her book.  The first blocks were done Jan 20, 2016, and I have 94 blocks done so far - almost there!
  7. Cantik Batik block of the month (both US and Canadian series).  Lots to do for these ones, a great cottage project. Love these series as we've travelled to many of the scenes depicted in the blocks - great memories.

So, seven.  A fabulous number, my fav :)

Perhaps just a wee titch of attention deficit disorder going on??  I did enjoy keeping track of the progress of each QAL, each in their own Excel spreadsheet. A little bit of organization is good.  Not too much, but a bit is ok.

For 2017, the year is not even half over, so there's just no predicting what will happen! What I know for sure, is that I am loving this quilting journey.