Ticker Tape Parade Quilt

This is such a fun piece!

I have seen this method a few times and wanted to give it a go.  This is a really fast and fun quilt-as-you-go method.  I decided to be very organic - no pins, no glue, just plop down the charms on the solid background, quilt across the row.  I did nudge the edges where necessary so they didn't flip under.

Washed and crinkly with nice fuzzy edges of the charms, I just love this quilt!

Showed this at the London Modern Quilt Guild meeting, and they asked for a demo.  Our December lesson was hatched.

For the two samples, I had random sizes and shapes in one, and the other design was in the shape of a tree.

Here are some of the inspiration that came together for this quilt ... 
And from Cheryl Arkison's book – Sunday Morning Quilts, “The Original Ticker Tape”


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