The top photo is the finished quilt. The red/teal quilt was the first in this little series - I had not done a two-colour quilt and really liked how the bright red and deep teal work together.  The illusions in the tessellated design of the houndstooth intrigue me.  

Show and tell at Christmas
The red/teal is still in the 'to be quilted queue', My middlest helped design the black/white/grey/red design.  And came with me to the fabric store!  The white fabric is a beautiful, cotton satiny material with a nice sheen, and turned out to be a bit of a nightmare to work with.  Needed lots of starch to stay in shape and frayed quite a bit.  I was concerned too about that white fabric and how it would quilt up.  But it turned out just fine.  Sometimes, apparently, I fuss too much.

I even colour-matched the binding to the border colours, a new technique for mitering those corners.

Checking the final design - it's all together

On the frame - outlined each houndstooth / cat