Swatch Quilt - Transparency

February's theme at our London Modern Quilt Guild was on transparency.  This pattern, designed by the Modern Quilt Studio was great fun to put together! 

Spent an afternoon pulling fabrics and another cutting the pieces.  Cutting out a whole quilt at once is something I almost never do!  Usually I cut a segment or block to be sure I like the result and understand the pattern.  

At our meeting, there were great examples of what to look for to get the effect of transparency.  

Many of the fabrics I had selected were batik, and it turns out I had more of a 'transition' effect than transparency.  Some were ok, and I liked the mix of additive or  desaturating effects.  I did swap out a couple of my original choices when I got back home and am pretty happy with the overall look now.

The quilting on this was organic straight lines (horizontal, then turned the quilt to get cross hatching).

Fun and done!  Washed and cuddly :)