Project 48 Quilt

After my breakthrough with the English Paper Pieced blocks that were in the Project48 Quilt, I was energized to finish the blocks!  And the top is now together.  

I arranged the blocks in a 7 x 8 grid.  One block ended up being just a bit too big, and I didn't want to chop off its points so it's going to go on the back.  I ended up with 50 blocks - some were done a couple of different ways and I did not do block 22 at all - just couldn't make sense of it.  So filled the empty spots with a block of plain fabric - some of my favourites from the project.

I've pinned it back up to the design wall, with a couple of grunge fabrics to audition for possible borders.  Although many modern quilts look awesome with no border, with the variety of block types in this one, I am thinking that it needs something to frame the blocks, and so I don't lose part of the outer blocks to the quilting.  We'll see what I think after letting it sit overnight.

The project was begun Jan 23, 2016, the last block finished Feb 12, 2017. Blocks are 9" finished.  There are 974 pieces in the quilt!

Block 45 - not many good selveges on batiks, simple fun strips

Block 46 - 3D effect

Block 47 - free form gentle curves

Block 48 - Left turn! (a small nod to the Nascar races we enjoy)

The top all together - auditioning borders