Farmer's Wife Weekend

It's been a fabulous weekend - glorious sunshine and warm winds to melt away our snow.  And the Scott's Tournament of Hearts - the Canadian Women's Curling Championship.  Sunshine, curling, quilting, walking in the sunshine.  Soaking up the sunshine.

I really hope that I get over this urge to do wee sampler blocks.  They take to do each one.  You have to pick out the fabric for that *one* block, figure out how it goes together, put it together.  The putting together is much easier the second, third, tenth, twentieth block.  And these bitty 6 1/2" blocks. With 40 pieces.  I have too many quilts in my head for this!  

But I'm close, so close on this one - 8 blocks left of 111.

This weekend's roundup ...

FWS 57 Morning

FWS 60 Noon & Light

FWS 63 Ozark Maple Leaf

FWS 74 Ribbons

FWS 78 Shooting Star

FWS 79 Silver Lane

FWS 82 Spider Legs