English Paper Piecing

I've admired English Paper Piecing from afar.  At one of the quilt shows last year there was an amazing display of the Millefiore quilts (see some of the inspiration here.)  

I haven't been much interested because it is all handwork, and with carpal tunnel and arthritis issues in my hands, really didn't consider this technique as something to get into.

But then, our awesome London Modern Quilt Guild meeting in January, we had a session learning how to make hexies and to join them together.

I *do* have lots of occasions where I'm passengering or watching news etc where I can stitch a few of these goodies and they go together quickly.  

One of the quilt-alongs I've been working on in 2016 was Project48.  Which has a nice mix of techniques and quite modern blocks.  November had EPP blocks, which I just didn't do.  But ... after the introduction to EPP at the LMQG, I went back to these blocks and had another go ... I do have a few of the mini-charm packs - these 2.5" squares work perfectly for these!!

For Block 42, a fun diamond shape of hexies ...

Block 44 was hexies again, adding subcutting into smaller shapes.  Half-hexies are AOK, hexies into parallelograms to make a cute cube, not bad.  Hexies cut into parallelograms and triangles was a bit much.  Each side of the hex is only 1" so those pieces are really small - tough getting all the fabric at the corner to behave.  

And then there is Block 43 - supposed to be a meteorite - make a wonky ball-ish shape, subcut it and EPP those pieces back together.  I did number each piece, and had a photo to go by of the drawing before I subcut it.  I forgot that it would come together in reverse.  Had a hard time visualizing how the pieces should come back together even with those aids - kept getting it backwards.  My DH had an awesome suggestion for next time - draw a big bold circle through the design before you cut it apart, to act as registration lines.  Gah.  Of course, registration lines would have been very helpful - you'd have to keep them in the centre of the piece as the sides get covered up.  So my 'meteorite' is pretty wonky but that works for me :)


  1. EPP is the best! I love your fussy cutting! I'd always recommend TheDIYAddicts La Passacaglia Beginners Guide


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