Summer Adventure Tour - Sturgis SD -> Albert Lea MN

Interstate all the way, mostly 80 mph.  Sturgis SD to Albert Lea MN

  • SD Badlands are awesome, quite a bit look a bit greener than I recall from other trips
  • Skunks, deer, porcupine, hawks, raccoons all had bad days on the interstate
  • No guard donkeys spotted amongst all the herds of angus
  • Milo, sorghum, sunflowers in SD
  • Quite a few of the cornfields in SD look as if they've had hail damage - shredded leaves
  • A trailer full of drainage tile!  Back in the land of corn and soybean fields in MN
  • Wind turbines in MN - a few on trucks headed for their destination; a production plant; fields of turbines fully operational harnassing this windy day
  • Fav licence plate spotted today:  IOAA
  • What appears to be a motorcycle trailer hauled behind a pickup - trailer has "Bio Hazard" decals. Bio Hazard or trying to keep out the curious?  
  • Two cornfields sported flags - thought they might be the brand of the seed they used.  Nope, TRUMP flags.
  • A lot of I90 in SD is cement, and they're working on some sections, replacing with more cement.  And a lot of it is washboardy.  
  • Fought cross-winds all. day. long.  Gusts, followed by steady blasts.  All. Day.  Long.  Did I mention we were on I90, @80 mph? In gusty crosswinds?  On washboardy cement.

Long vistas of South Dakota