Summer Adventure Tour - Billings MT -> Sturgis SD

Yesterday was a rest / wash the bike / stay out of the ridiculous heat / explore a quilt shop day :)

Backdoor Quilt Shoppe was found and explored :)  Row by Row acquired.  Fun bits acquired.
Bikes were washed.  Love the car washes that take credit cards.
Bodies were rested.

And we're on our way home!  First up is the Big Horn Basin Scenic Route - WY 14A.

Lunch stop at a Perkins in Sheridan WY.  Nice, typical Perkins.  Waiting at the door with a fellow who was a trucker and had been at the International plant in Chatham a few times.  Small world.  Our table was beside a group of 4 - 2 couples, one of them were just turning 70, the other perhaps a bit older.  Started their meal with prayer.  They're heading to Red Lodge, there is a church there they want to check out.  Cool.  Then they are talking about various ethnic groups (Mexicans, Muslims, Chinese) and then I *really* wish they had better hearing aids so it wasn't so impossible to not eavesdrop.  

They start talking about when they dropped the atomic bomb and how close we are to another nuclear war.  Their take - it's God's way of calling humanity back to him.  This is the most terrifying thing I have ever heard.

We bookended the day with another twisty bit - Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway.  A sweet, freshly paved piece of delightful sights and scents - following a babbling brook, with towering canyon walls and lush evergreens.

Extreme helmet hair with a beautiful waterfall in the background!
This scenic byway takes us through Spearfish, Lead, Deadwood and on to Sturgis.  Lovely x 4!