Summer Adventure Tour - Beartooth Pass

Today was Beartooth Pass day!  We've been here before, have done this pass clockwise.  Today was counter-clockwise.  Hot, sunny, beautiful day.  We were expecting more haze from the wildfires, but it wasn't too bad.

So many GoldWings ... GoldWings, GoldWings with trailers, GoldWings triked, plain jane GoldWings, Glowing GoldWings, oscillating headlights GoldWings, GoldWings with extra sparkly brake lights. All the GoldWings. 

Finished up the day with a fine dinner and GWRRA's Got Talent competition.  They fed the hoardes with eight buffet tables.

A few switchbacks

A very nice, flat-ish, paved, pullout to take some photos.

Can you see me now?? My new hi-viz coat.

Vista Point

A few GoldWings in the parking lot at Vista Point

At the summit

Top of the World Store

Construction on Hwy #296