Summer Adventure Tour - Sault Ste Marie -> Thunder Bay

Unlike usual, we got an early start!  A nice and sunny but brisk day, quickly warmed up.  Beautiful glimpses of water all along the way.
Along the shoreline, Agawa Bay
 Have to stop for the Wawa Goose!  Showing a few rusty spots - like my joints.
The Wawa Goose

Carvings at the Wawa Goose display - they all say "Gitchee Goomie!"
Along the northern parts of the lake, through Marathon and Schreiber, there was quite a bit of fog threatening to settle in.  Kept on trucking ... 

Lots of construction - work on bridges, work on expanding the road to 4 lanes. Love the new pavement after Wawa.

At the Tim Horton's in our last stop, a gent comes up to me to ask a 'technical question' - is this my bike?  When I tell him yes, he says this is awesome :)

Long day for our second day riding.  Tired hands and hips and sore butts.  Our stop for the night is next door to '5 Forks', where we have a delightful dinner.  Great service - it was BBQ night - yummy yumminess!